Bonnie the little Sun Bather

Bonnie loved the sunshine

Bonnie was great at finding the sunshine wherever she was. Even when she stayed with Robin and Bruce in their Peterborough residence while Charles and Susan were away, Bonnie found the sunny spots at their house where she could bask in the sun. Robin Snow took this photo of Bonnie about 1 pm on Sunday May 26, 2019 while watching Bonnie while Charles and Susan were away.

One huge difference Bonnie encountered when originally moving in with Susan and Charles Oropallo was the availability of sunny spots throughout the household. She found them all!

Bonnie was able to find sunshine wherever it occurred in the house. It was not uncommon to occasionally see her in a chair in the living room that got a sliver of sunlight in the afternoon.

The kitchen was a spot where the sunlight would come in for a short time. Bonnie managed to find that spot as well and would lay in it and enjoy the warmth there. One would think from reading this that Susan ad Charles kept the house cold but that was not the case! Bonnie was originally born and raised in Florida and that certainly showed.

The most sun came in sliding glass doors in an upstairs room with a deck outside. She would most often be found up there in the mornings after sunrise when the sunshine came right through those doors.

Another more recent activity Bonnie enjoyed was sitting in the dun out on the deck. She would bark to let Susan know she wanted to go out on the deck and sun bathe. She seemed to love to go  out and bake in the sun for a while. Then Bonnie would bark a while later when she wanted to come back in.

When Susan was out on the deck enjoying some sun, Bonnie would most likely be with her. Bonnie loved spending time with Susan throughout the day regardless of what Susan was doing.